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NNSD Bookshelf

Welcome to the No Nonsense Self-Defense (NNSD) Book Shelf. In a market driven by hype, salesmanship, macho fantasy and dangerous misinformation, we chose a different direction. We present only titles that we know contain reliable information on ways to survive crime and violence. If it doesn't work to keep you safe, you won't find it on our product list.

    Crime Prevention

    Home Security


    Law Enforcement



     Martial Arts



      Street Survival




      For Women



When it comes to the titles we carry on personal safety, we take our standards a little further: If the information contained in a book or video is not something that we'd be willing to stake our lives on, we don't sell it. That's a level of "standing behind one's products" that you won't often see. Yes, we offer a money back guarantee, but in comparison to how much we trust this information that is somehow just a little weak.

With our martial arts selections, our standards are slightly different, but just as high. The titles were selected, not because they teach a particular art, but because the principles demonstrated can be applied to different systems. Often, in the commercialization, important components have been lost. These missing components lessen the effectiveness of the system. By looking at different arts, you can often find concepts that were once part of your own system, but are now missing. We're not talking about importing different moves, but rather finding these applications in what you already do.

To further sweeten the pot, every item we sell is priced below retail. And don't forget to check Package Deals for extra savings!

Marc MacYoung
Dianna Gordon MacYoung

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The Way of Kata
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Pool Cues, Beer Bottles and Baseball Bats
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