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Ground Combatives for Police

Chuck Habermehl

Every police officer is faced with questions of survival every time he or she find themselves alone and dealing with a violent subject. They're left to cope the best they can until backup arrives. When its goes to the ground, an officer needs to possess the fighting skill to protect himself and take the subject into custody.

Most officers are trained to deal only in passive resistance situations. When there is aggressive resistance, she is unprepared to protect herself, retain her weapon or defend against edged weapons. Programs that showcase fighting in a sports arena are irrelevant! Combatants roll around on a mat for two or three minutes, waiting for each other to make mistakes so they can perform their move. Police officers don't have minutes to do their job -- they have only seconds before a situation becomes deadly. In police work, the ultimate goal is handcuffing, not beating and choking someone into submission.

After 18 years in law enforcement as a deputy chief of police, firearms instructor, tactical trainer, and the commander of a SWAT team, Chuck Habermehl combined judo, jujitsu, wrestling and street fighting, in a solid, realistic program, Ground Combatives For Police.

Techniques are based on momentum, leverage, center of gravity and proper body mechanics instead of strength. None of the moves are gender specific, working equally well for men and women. Each tactic has been combat tested and is usable by law enforcement officers wearing full uniform and gear.

In the DVD, discover how to use leverage and proper body mechanics to create a stronger you; learn effective fighting tactics for the mount, side mount, and guard positions; study how to counter attack from every position; see how to reverse to an advantageous position from any disadvantageous position; uncover the fiction behind pain compliance, martial arts and other deadly myths; and much more.

This dynamic two-hour DVD covers everything you need to prevail when a conflict takes you to the ground: arm bars, neck restraints, striking techniques, sticky man tactics, blocking, head cranks, grappling, edged weapon attacks, controlling a subject who pulls a gun, weapon retention and more. All law enforcement officers aren't in the best of shape, but every officer puts his life on the line every day. As a cop, it doesn't matter if you're weak, fat, small, or old; whenever you're on the street you could meet with a violent encounter. Ground Combatives For Police shows you how to protect yourself with the resources that you have. Not with what some muscleman on the cover of a magazine has.

The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the lessons you want to review.

Ground Combatives for Police (LOTI Group) 2003, 110 minutes.

DVD,  Item# DgrcombativesDVD
DVD -- $24     Retail: $25

Order Now!

Reviews include:

The DVD is packed with moves in the self-defense realm. Its geared toward police officers and is easy to relate to. The lessons move right along, but with some note taking and instant replays you can master the moves quickly.

Worth every penny!!! -- A viewer

In this film, Chuck Habermehl instructs how police officers can gain control of suspect when fighting on the ground. There is a vast amount of techniques presented in the film, but still I have a feeling that these techniques don't cover all situations - not even all major ones.

The large amount of techniques forces Habermehl to go through them in a hurried manner, not explaining the techniques fully. More detailed treatment would have increased the rating of the film. Another problem with this many techniques is that if you try to learn them all, you end up not knowing any of the techniques properly. Therefore, it would be wise to choose some of the techniques to learn, and discard the rest (at least until you have mastered the ones chosen first). The techniques themselves seem quite realistic, and there are some very interesting variations.

I don't recommend this film to a beginner. Not because the techniques are hard, but because they are not instructed in enough detail. This film would serve best, if someone with enough skill in self defense would see it through, and then choose some of the techniques, and pass them on. -- Seppo Vasala, Helsinki, Finland

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