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Judicious Use of Deadly Force

Massad Ayoob

In this video, police Captain Massad Ayoob, generally recognized as the leading authority on use of deadly weapons in civilian self-defense, goes beyond his book In The Gravest Extreme to deal from the ground up in the core principles of law, ethics and tactics of using lethal force. It addresses the legal ramifications you will face if you use a weapon on another human being. If you plan to carry a lethal force instrument for self-defense or train in a weapons based system, this video is a must see.

Unfortunately, most of the legal information that is being dispensed by  instructors claiming to teach "self-defense" is not only wrong, but dead wrong. The taking of another human's life is only legally and ethically justified under a very specific set of circumstances. And those standards -- not your fear or what you instructor told you -- will be used to hold you accountable. It is not going to be your instructor facing prison time, it is you. This is why it is important for you to know this information before you find yourself in a situation where you might have to use your training.

Ideal for the instructor or attorney, and vital for the citizen who keeps or carries any kind of self-defense item.

Judicious Use of Deadly Force, 130 minutes.

DVD -- $34  Retail: $35

Order Now!

People who have seen Judicious Use of Deadly Force say:

A gaping hole in a majority of commercial self-defense training is knowledge of the legal aspects. When is your "self-defense" actually a fight? Where is the line where you cross from defender to aggressor? When must you stop or face jail time? In no other area is the line between legal and illegal so razor thin as with lethal force. With a weapon in your hand you can cross the line from defending yourself to murder in the blink of an eye. And when you are deep in the grip of adrenalin, fear or anger, it is all to easy to do. The legal system doesn't care what you were afraid of, it only cares about what you did and if that action was warranted. That is what you will be accountable for.

Martial artists, followers of reality based self-defense or knife fighting gurus  are constantly complaining about the danger of being put into prison for attempted self-defense. Either that or they dismiss the idea of learning the legal requirements of self-defense with comments like "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by six." Self-defense is a legally defined term. And it is up to YOU to know those standards and to tailor your actions to both stay within them and to protect yourself. The lack of awareness about this subject of most self-proclaimed SD instructors and their followers is a guaranteed trip to the cornhole commune if they were ever to apply their training.

Contrary to what many Internet warriors claim, understanding legal standards will not result in "legal paralysis." This is the theory that -- if you know the information in this DVD -- you will be so afraid of legal repercussions that you will be incapable of acting in a self-defense situation. This myth is commonly promoted by people, who in my opinion, are actually looking for an excuse to unleash their deadly training on someone. Personally I have found that understanding when lethal force is and is not legally justified is an invaluable tool in both not over-reacting and knowing when it is necessary to apply the most extreme force. As such, it has given me greater options and opportunities, not less.

This DVD gives you a basic understanding of the legal, moral and accepted standards of when it is time to take another human life in defense of yourself or others. It blows out of the water almost every fantasy about using your deadly fighting style to defend yourself by explaining what standards must be present in order to use lethal force. If these conditions aren't present, DON'T, no matter how scared or mad you are. You will never again look at so-called "self-defense" training in the same light, because it will show you exactly how much of what is being taught is not only over the top, but actually encourages murder in the name of self-defense. If you aren't interested in ending up in prison, you need to watch this tape. Marc "Animal" MacYoung

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