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Combat Sanshou DVD Volume 1: Striking
Combat Sanshou DVD Volume 2: Kicking
Combat Sanshou Volume 3: Throws/Takedowns

Wim DeMeere

There are two things that come to mind about this series. First is: Can you make your kung fu training work for self-defense? Often kung fu is dismissed as 'flowery' and ineffective for self defense.

This is ironic since some of the most effective elements of 'reality based self-defense' were lifted wholesale from the Chinese martial arts. These moves have been repackaged and marketed, usually with the word "THE" in front of the name. Then they are sold as the ultimate street fighting technique. Do they work? Yes. That's why these 'streetfighting gurus' swiped them from kung fu. The self-proclaimed 'street warriors' just have better advertising than most Chinese martial artists -- even though they're pirating the same moves.

This series is designed to help the kungfu player -- no matter what style -- take what he knows already and apply it for self-defense. The Chinese fighting styles ARE very effective when they are released from the limitations of tournament and sport fighting. They offer a wide buffet of pain and general unhappiness to an attacker. Conditions that usually make him change his mind about attacking you any more.

The second thing that comes to mind is: Wim Da Who? San-What? 

While we happen to know he is one of the most competent fighters on the European continent, most Americans have never heard of Wim DeMeere. Therefore, they don't know what a great coach/trainer his is either. We do, which is why we carry his DVDs. Having said that, we don't expect you to buy a pig in a poke. And three part, 6 DVD set is a sizable investment.

So if you buy any one of the Sanshou DVDs from us and later decide that you want the rest of them, we will sell you the rest of the set at the Package Deal price. You're not will not get these kinds of savings anywhere else.

Volume 1: Striking - When you've been hit by Wim Demeere you get an overwhelming urge to just lay down for a while. Nobody that big, should be that fast, that powerful and that smooth. What's worse, is he doesn't just limit himself to various punches, Sanshou offers a wide variety of devastating strikes. Wim teaches you not only the correct mechanics of these strikes but lightening fast defenses. Finally he teaches you how to string offensive and defensive combinations together to completely overwhelm and defeat your opponent.

Order Combat Sanshou, Volume 1: Striking
2 DVD set  $77  Retail  $79.95

Volume 2- Kicking - If you think getting punched by Wim Demeere is bad, wait until you get kicked by him ... it will just plain old ruin your day. In the second DVD of the series, Wim teaches you not only how to kick in an effective offensive manner, but he also covers issues commonly glossed over by many instructors, namely how to kick so it won't compromise your base, balance and defenses. He moves on how to defend against kicks as low as your ankle and as high as your face. Then he takes the same principles he's just taught you and shows you how to apply them to sweeps to send your opponent crashing to the ground. 2 DVD set

Order Combat Sanshou, Volume 2: Kicking
2 DVD set $77  Retail  $79.95 

Volume 3: Three- Takedowns, Throws and Finishing Movesn case you haven't figured out by the descriptions of Volumes 1 and 2, Wim DeMeere is a competent and skilled fighter. Where he finally crosses over to nightmare status is with kung fu Sanshou's throws and takedowns, however. That's because DeMeere doesn't want to stand and fight with someone, nor is he particularly interested in ground fighting -- but someone IS going to the ground. In his final volume, DeMeere shows the difference between a throw and a takedown. These moves will work -- no matter how big or skilled the person you are fighting -- he's going down. Once he's there, DeMeere shows various joint manipulations (or if necessary) slams and stomps to keep him from getting up and trying to fight again.

Order Combat Sanshou, Volume 3: Throws and TakeDowns

2 DVD set - $77  Retail  $79.95

Package set $215 All 3 DVDs

Don't forget to check Package Deals for extra savings!

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