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Dead Or Alive:
The Choice Is Yours
The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook

Geoff Thompson


Drawing on hard-won experience as a barroom bouncer in some of the roughest pubs in England, Geoff Thompson teaches you how to survive violent confrontations. But he emphasizes that self-defense is primarily avoiding violent situations, and that the best techniques in the world are useless if you are rendered immobile by fear or indecision.

In Dead or Alive, he teaches how to: use proven awareness techniques for avoiding most confrontations; improve fighting skills; and maximize mental toughness.

The hands-on lessons include how security professionals control their fear, recognize effective avenues of escape, train for optimal mental and physical condition, use diversion and deception, and much more.

This book also provides an in-depth look at the way the criminal mind works. Thompson incorporates chilling interviews with muggers, rapists and murderers, as well as their victims, to show why certain people are targeted, the types of opportunistic and premeditated crimes, simply measures that can be taken to make you less vulnerable, and what victims should do when confronted by an attacker.

Dead or Alive: The Choice Is Yours: The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook (Paladin Press) 1997, 199 pages, ISBN 0-87364-914-1

Softcover, Item# Bdeadoralive
Book -- $23   Retail: $25

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Reviews include:
This is a fast read and a great eye-opener. The whole theme really is about awareness and should get readers into questioning how they deal with real life and how they train in the martial arts world. Not the strongest on technique but the book is re-readable and should be a standard book in any martial arts instructor's book shelf. Highly recommended, especially at that price. Now if only the other books would get back into print... -- Thomas O. Morrison, Ogdensburg, N.Y.

I really enjoyed this book. Instead of being full of techniques, the book is heavy on concepts that can really keep you safe in the streets. You cannot truly learn how to fight from a book, but this book teaches you how not to fight and how to stay alert so that you can stay alive.

Everyone should own this book.
-- Tyrone Turner, Averne, N.Y.

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