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Fighting Arts of Indonesia
Combat Secrets of Silat and Kuntao

Bob Orlando

Bob Orlando brings his book, Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals, to dramatic life in this detailed instructional video.

Unlike many martial arts instructors who teach confusing collections of techniques, Orlando focuses on the fundamental physical principles that make techniques work -- any technique. Consequently, this video is an excellent addition to the library of a martial artist studying any style.

Orlando's special gift is the ability to explain in simple terms complex ideas. And those ideas that can be applied to your style to make it more effective. He explains and demonstrates how such concepts as adhesion, whiplash, gyroscopic rotation, seating and shearing can be used to maximize the body's fighting potential. Then he shows you how these principles can be applied with devastating effect against common street attacks. This dynamic video also features partner training drills.

DVD, Item# Dfightarts

Fighting Arts of Indonesia (Paladin Press) 1997, color, 90 minutes, ISBN 0-87364-956-7

DVD, Item# DfightartsDVD 
DVD -- $38     Retail: $39.95

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Comments about Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals include:
Bob Orlando is one of the most analytical and comprehensive martial arts instructors I have ever met in my life. His ability to simply and concisely explain concepts -- and demonstrate their application -- boggles even my mind. These principles have been lost from most martial arts and defensive tactics training. Or, in the rare occasions where they have not been lost, they are not articulated very well, requiring years of study and frustration while dedicating yourself to learning a particular art/system. The problem with these losses are twofold. First that these principles are REALLY effective and once they are plugged into your way of doing things your effectiveness will skyrocket. Second, if your job is to confront dangerous people then you do not have the time to invest struggling to discover these "closed door teachings." Teachings that are often intentionally obscured and held back by instructors. The guy coming at you in a dark and lonely place isn't going to wait, so you need these tools NOW! Bob's openness and communication skills make these invaluable tools available to you, no matter what system you use. My only reservation about this information is my standard on about using pure kuntao in a civilized country. I consider it too brutal and excessive for a civilian self-defense application. Quite simply it is overkill. Having said that, these concepts can easily be scaled back to operate within a judicious use of force context and still be extremely effective. In fact, because the application of these concepts is so effective, for many people it will require them to move beyond the fantasy of fighting 27 ninjas in dark alleys and start paying attention to exactly how much damage they can cause when applying these principles. -- Marc MacYoung .

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