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Freedom from Fear
Taking Back Control of Your Life

and Dissolving Depression

Peyton Quinn

This book has been turned into a print on demand is available through

Whether it's an office conflict or a life-and-death struggle, Peyton Quinn's insightful book provides practical ways to deal with the stress. The book will show you the root of most human conflict and miscommunication.

Freedom from Fear delves into our innate, ancient biochemical "fight or flight" response and how best to deal with it. It also gives you the psychology behind handling difficult bosses, office bullies, harassing co-workers and street thugs. It's written for people who have been traumatized by violence and conflict, and by someone who has come from the same background.

Quinn tells you how to be assertive in any type of negotiate without being aggressive or insubordinate. By understanding communication, you will be more effective in the business world, on the street, in the home or even in a quest for romance and love.

More importantly, Quinn says, the ideas expressed in his book can give you a greater appreciation and acceptance of yourself. Freedom from Fear is a practical guide for everyone who wants to take charge of their lives and become happier and more self-accepting, self-actualizing people.

The book is based on Quinn's actual experiences as a high school math teacher, bouncer in a biker bar and creator of a successful software development firm. He is internationally recognized in the self-defense trainer and security industries for his research into the affects of adrenal stress conditioning.

Freedom from Fear: Taking Back Control of Your Life and Dissolving Depression, 2004, 153 pages.

Softcover, Item# Bfreedom
Book -- $18.95    Retail: $18.95

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Reviews of this book include:
How many of us know experienced bouncers? Few I am sure. Further, how many of us know experienced "successful" bouncers who are successful precisely because they took the time to study those prone to violence so they could actually be "successful" at deflecting and controlling them without having to resort to violence themselves [read "reach 50 years of age and still in possession of your teeth"]? Far, far fewer of us will ever meet such a person. One more question: Why would you even want to meet such a person? If the individual is as articulate as Peyton Quinn, then you want to meet him because he can tell you how to easily handle muggers, office bullies, and practically anyone else who is prone to assault you verbally, physically, or psychologically. You can meet him here, in his new book, Freedom From Fear: Taking Back Control of Your Life and Dissolving Depression. Great title, great book. If you feel everyone else seems to control your life, then you need to read this book. -- Bob Orlando

Coming from a bouncer, martial arts, self-defense, teaching and business background I assure you: Mr. Quinn knows what he's talking about

The only thing that I can find about this book that remotely resembles anything negative is this: From reading the title alone (or glancing at the cover), you may get the impression that this is "merely" a self-help book - dealing with how to reduce stress, dissolving depression etc. Yes, it is that too, but it is so much more. In fact it is a brilliant book about a lot of "stuff".

With my background and way of looking at things, the most interesting part here (for me) is the in-depth look at the stress/adrenal reactios concerning self-defense, conflicts, and a host of other related situations. With a "been-there, done-that" background both as a bouncer and a successful businessman, Peyton Quinn shows how much is common ground when dealing with troublemakers, bullies and potential violent personalities - be it on the streets, at work, in relations or within the board rooms.

Here you will be presented with a lot (and I do stress a LOT) of useful and clarifying information. Almost like magic, the author manages to pull it all together into one coercive unity. That unity, and overall target is to deal with depression, fear and stress, but it is done by looking at themes like adrenal reactions, self-defense, violent and negative behavior, how bullies "interview" their intended victim, what causes fear and anger, how to respond to it, sales and presentation, communication, reality based training, facing your troublemakers and much more. Throughout the book Quinn relates to his own and other researchers findings, but without getting too technical or "deep" (in a mumbo jumbo way). Very refreshing, and very easy to follow and relate to!

Thankfully, the author shows very little of the usual machismo attitude that you may find in books stemming from people with a real-life fighting background. This is a person who has lived a while, and who obviously has done a lot of soul searching, and who has come up with some profound knowledge - not about violence per se, but about living and leading a better life. This is a very clear, very positive and very practical book - bravo!

Rather than listening to me rambling on about all the good stuff here, I urge you to go out and buy it. Beg, borrow, or almost steal if you have to, just get the book! Your martial arts, well-being and safety will be benefit from it, and you will find many interesting things to reflect upon. --
Torbjorn Arntsen, Norway

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