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Fighting Dirty
A "No Sweat" Guide to  Hard Core Self-Defense Training

Loren Christensen

A real fight, a knock-down, drag-out struggle with a determined attacker, has nothing at all to do with belts, bowing or ancient traditions. It’s about putting your opponent down as fast and hard as you can, by any means possible.

With 29 years of experience in law enforcement dealing with the most violent scum Skid Row had to offer, retired cop Loren Christensen knows what works on the street and what won’t. He has distilled his knowledge into a DVD that teaches all the dirty tricks you need to learn in order to win a real fight.

Focusing on gross motor movements that require a minimum of practice to execute, Christensen shows you how to perform a series of quick, hard strikes that will make your attacker wish he’d stayed home. From there, he teaches defenses against some of the most common street attacks, including lapel and wrist grabs, wild haymaker punches and tackle attempts.

From turning the tables on a skilled opponent to quickly taking out a thug who’s after your wallet, the techniques in this video are vital for street survival.

Loren Christensen has learned the hard way that real fights are explosive and violent, lessons proven over and over during his 29-year career as a police officer.

Fighting Dirty: A "No Sweat" Guide to Hardcore Self-Defense Training, approximately 108 minutes.

DVD --$38       Retail: $39.95

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