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Gunproof Your Children
A Handgun Primer

Massad Ayoob


The unthinkable can happen. Whether you are pro- or anti-gun, your children need to know about weapon safety in order to remain safe themselves. At some point in their lives, they may need to know about gun safety to survive.

And this is actually two books for the price of one! It's vital to Gunproof Your Children -- whether you are pro- or anti-gun, whether your home has 50 firearms or none, this book is a MUST. Keeping children safe from unauthorized guns in their hands or those of others is covered from every direction, including gun locks, methods of storage and, above all, safety training for children and adults.

Handgun Primer is a compact introduction for the handgun novice. Real world handgun safety, how to shoot, when to fire in self-defense, and gun/ammo/holster choices are discussed by this leading expert. In the world of handgun safety, knowledge is crucial.

Gunproof Your Children/Handgun Primer -- (Police Bookshelf) 1986, 47 pages, ISBN 0936279052

Softcover, Item# Bgunproofkid
Book -- $4.50   Retail: $5.00

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Comments by readers of Gunproof Your Children/Handgun Primer include:

I recently bought this book because I am a gun owner and my wife recently became pregnant with our first child. While it was just the two of us in the house, my ownership of several guns was not an issue. I stored them out of sight, and my wife was simply not inclined to touch them.

However, with a little one on the way and with me not willing to simply give away my guns, I had to figure out some way for my guns and my children to safely co-exist in the same household.

This book has been very helpful to me in exploring a way to have such a happy situation. While most parents' first instinct would be to simply put as much distance as possible between their children and guns (a perfectly understandable reaction), Mr. Ayoob correctly states that despite your own prohibitions in your own household, it is highly likely -- in fact a near certainty -- that your child will come in contact with a real, loaded firearm sometime in his or her childhood without the benefit of responsible adult supervision. What happens when you're not around is the true test of a parent's education of their children.

Much as you won't protect your children against the prospect of drowning by simply keeping them away from water in which they can be submerged all their lives (they will eventually go to a lake, swimming pool or ocean sometime during their childhoods) banning the mention or sight of guns from your own home will not protect your children from guns. As Mr. Ayoob has himself raised two children, his concerns were what mine are now. Guns were a part of his livelihood, and he slowly came to realize that there was no possible way to make a gun "childproof," despite all the locks, safety measures, and such that come to mind. If a human being can think of a way to "childproof" a gun, a human mind, namely that of a child, can find a way to defeat it.

The solution, therefore, is to GUN-PROOF your children. Allow your child to be able to respond to guns with a sense of responsibility and safety, instead of childlike curiosity and ignorance. Just as the best way to make your child safe around deep water is to teach them to swim and how to tread water and not panic, the best way to keep your kids safe around guns (whether they be yours or someone else's) is to teach them proper and safe handling of guns, not by telling them simplistic and dangerous mantras of "guns are bad, guns are bad!" -- B. Joseph Santos, Los Angeles, California

This is a very brief primer on firearms and children. While these two groups shouldn't mix, they often do. And what the author explains is that we owe it to our children to teach them about firearms and not make them "forbidden fruit."

The author's reputation is outstanding in the field of law enforcement and has many books and manuals to his credit. He is certified to teach in many areas of firearms training. Most of all, he is a dad. And I know for a fact that both of his daughters are excellent shots! -- M.P. Procter, Jacksonville, Florida

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