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The Way To Black Belt
A Comprehensive Guide
to Rapid, Rock-Solid Results

Lawrence Kane/Kris Wilder

Earning a black belt can be one of the most rewarding experiences of one's lifetime.

But getting there takes considerable planning, focus, commitment, hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Whether your interests lie in traditional martial arts or hybrid systems, this book prepares you for the challenge.

Whatever your style, your age or your gender, you'll benefit from the advice of martial artists who have gone before you. They can help you through the rough spots and to avoid common pitfalls.

 Packed with information you can actually use, this book will give you good advice on on how to set goals, find a good instructor, monitor your progress, overcome plateaus, take advantage of learning opportunities and work through injuries and frustrations that will always come on your journey to black belt.

This also is a great resource for family members so they can fully understand what the martial artist is going through on the road to black belt.

Softcover   Item# BwaytoBB

Book -- $22   Retail: $24.95

Order Now!

Listen to Lawrence and Kris on Podcast

Both Lawrence and Kris have been interviewed by Dr Kevin Keough at Psych Journey's Warrior Traditions.

Don't forget to check Package Deals for extra savings!

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