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Fists Wits and a Wicked Right
Surviving on the Wild Side of the Street

Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Laced with the sometimes funny, sometimes poignant anecdotes of his street encounters, MacYoung concentrates on hits; shedding blows; striking points, such as the head, throat and neck; and other vulnerable areas of the body and limbs.

It's a guide to havoc if necessary, but his emphasis is on awareness in order to avoid all the hassles in the first place.

Autographed by author

Warning: This book was written when MacYoung was "coming out of the street lifestyle ("the Life"); offensive language, and an obvious display of " street attitude" are present. The book is not for all readers. But the concepts are important, despite language and presentation. This is the attitude a person will face out there.

Fists, Wits and a Wicked Right: Surviving on the Wild Side of the Street (Paladin Press) 1991, 148 pages, ISBN 0-87364-611-8

Softcover, Item#Bfists

Book -- $18      Retail: $20

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Comments on Fist, Wits include:

First let me say this is a worthwhile purchase. Why? It offers a "blow by blow" guide to punching in a non-grappling street fight. Now it is a bit wordy, but if you know how to read in-between the lines you are getting some useful street fighting information. There are some hardcore punching techniques *Hanging punch, read this and practice. There is more to a street fight than connecting your fists against somebody's head. It involves know where to hit and type of punch to use at a given time. -- Curtis B. Pennington, New Jersey

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