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Martial Arts Instruction
Applying Educational Theory and Communication Techniques
 in the Dojo

Lawrence A. Kane


Teaching martial arts ... relatively easy ... right? Rise through the ranks, earn your black belt, earn your dan rankings, start teaching.

Actually, it's not that easy. Martial arts is one of the few disciplines that does not require that an instructor hold a state accredited teaching certificate. A black belt from a certain lineage from a certain school from a certain style ... that's about all that seems to be necessary.

Lawrence Kane has helped fill that gap between becoming a student and earning the right to teach. For anyone interested in truly teaching, genuinely passing on knowledge and helping his or her students to be the best they can be, this book is invaluable.

Kane discusses types of learning necessary to teach the wide variety of students an instructor will encounter -- the visual learners, the auditory learners, the kinesthetic learners.

Martial Arts Instruction provides:
 -- A tactical toolset to enhance anyone's teaching style.
 -- Ways to improve your ability to motivate, educate and retain students.
 -- Ways to optimize time and attention.
 -- Teaching tools effective for children and adults.

This book is a must-read for anyone endeavoring to teach the martial arts.

Martial Arts Instruction: Applying Educational Theory and Communication Techniques in the Dojo (YMAA Publications Center, Inc.) 1997, 190 pages, ISBN 1-59439-024-X

Softcover, Item# Bmainstruction
Book -- $23  Retail: $25

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Comments about Martial Arts Instruction include:
What a wonderful book. Lawrence Kane has written a tremendous text that fills a big void in the martial arts genre. There are many books on how to punch and kick, but as the book title states, this one is about how to teach the martial arts. But it's not just for the teacher; there is plenty of solid information for the student, too.

Kane discusses in a highly readable fashion:
 * Understanding learning style differences
 * Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to understand student predilections
 * Fostering a positive learning environment
 * Apply the six teaching styles to the martial arts
 * Lesson planning

Just because a martial artist is a black belt or has earned several black belts, doesn't mean that person can teach. That is why this book is so needed. Martial Arts Instruction will help the teacher - new and veteran alike - be the best one he or she can be.

I've been training the martial arts for 40 years and have written 18 books on the fighting arts. I found Martial Arts Instruction fresh, insightful, and highly informative. Most importantly, Kane's teaching ideas work.

Highly recommended. --
Loren Christensen, martial arts instructor, retired police officer, author of 27 books.

As you have probably gathered from the title, the book is designed to help martial arts instructors improve their ability to communicate with their students and effectively pass on their art.

I have a few books along these lines on my shelves and I've found them all to be a little "academic" and "dry". It's also true to say that the majority of books on martial arts instruction are heavily biased towards generating success in competition. I have to say that I found this book to be a really refreshing change! What really is great about this book is that it focuses upon teaching the traditional martial arts. It's great to read something which covers the totality of martial arts instruction in such an enlightening and informative way.

I found myself getting carried along by the very accessible writing style and the interesting information that appears on virtually every page. The book contains some superb guidance on teaching kata and bunkai, dojo rules, etiquette, lesson planning, student behaviour, "the six teaching styles", fostering a positive learning environment, teaching self-defence etc. I strongly recommended that all instructors, and prospective instructors, get hold of a copy of this most enjoyable and informative book. --
Iain Abernethy - 5th Dan British Combat Association and author of Bunkai-Jutsu: The Practical Application of Karate Kata

As popular as martial arts training is and with as many how-to books on self defense that are available, there has been a serious lack of Instructor Manuals. This book closes the gap. Although it is directed primarily toward the so called "Hard Arts" such as karate, much of its material can be used within the context of the "Soft Arts" as well. Having trained over 11,000 self defense students during my career as a self defense instructor, I was very impressed with the way this author used education and management theories to train the trainer. He has an excellent background in all that he writes about and communicates it effectively. His examples are easy to understand and he presents a good taxonomy for training and teaching. I rated this excellent book a solid four hearts. -- Bob Spear , publisher and chief reviewer, Heartland Reviews

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