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Championship StreetFighting
Boxing as a Martial Art

Ned Beaumont

Drawing lessons from the greatest boxers of all times -- Dempsey, Frazier, Ali, Sullivan and Patterson -- Ned Beaumont, himself a seasoned and savvy street fighter, presents a practical and proven guide on using boxing skills as a self-defense system.

Though Beaumont is critical of the mindset and skills of people educated in "strip mall dojos" (commercial martial arts schools) this book can tell you how to develop the hooks and power punches of the champions. And it can give you the tools -- from the insidious shovel hook, clever shift and classic left jab to vicious combinations and back-alley dirty tricks -- to stop an opponent in a real street fight.

If you can't get Jack Dempsey's Championship Fighting (out of print and rarely available) this book is the next best thing. If you want to learn how to add power to your martial arts punches, this book is just the thing.

Championship Streetfighting: Boxing as a Martial Art (Paladin Press), 1997, 208 pages, ISBN 0-87364-6.

Softcover, Item# Bbeaumont
Book -- $18       Retail: $20

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Bottom line: Championship Streetfighting is the most practical beginner's guide to self-defense fisticuffs currently available. The chapter on physical conditioning is worth the price of the book. Moreover, Ned Beaumont is a literate man - which most of his hostile reviewers are not.
-- Cornelius Du Lupe, Vallego, California

The author does an amazing thing in this book. He does not try to trash every martial art under the sun in order to build up his own. Instead the crux of this book is on adding the punching power of boxing to whatever style you are doing.

He does contend that the power of boxing punches are superior to almost any other style of punching. This is hard to dispute. So the author tells you how to train in order to make the punches of boxing part of your arsenal. He does so in a very effective way. Surprisingly, there are few illustrations, but the information is very well presented.

The author seems to take it that you are already taking a martial art, so he does not have to deal with the whole picture and keeps to the very narrow range of punching. In this, he excels.
-- Don Roley, Japan

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