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On this page we offer a short description of the items. By clicking on the picture or title, you can get a more in-depth information on the product. The Order Now link will take you directly to check out.

Street Safe: How to Recognize And Avoid Violent Crime Before It Happens (DVD)
Marc MacYoung

A criminal assault is fast, vicious and overwhelming. And that's why criminals attack that way. It ensures their success. What you may not know is that it takes time to develop these conditions. This makes the street thug predictable. There are definite danger signs that precede criminal attacks. This video will teach you how to recognize those signs so you can take nonviolent steps to prevent the criminal from attacking. And if the situation does turn violent, you will learn how to articulate to the police and courts important details about the situation  -- and why you reacted the way you did. DVD $24       Order Now!

Judicious Use of Lethal Force(DVD)
Massad Ayoob

In this DVD, police Captain Massad Ayoob, generally recognized as the leading authority on use of deadly weapons by civilians in self-defense, deals from the ground up on the core principles of law, ethics and tactics of using lethal force. Ideal for the instructor or attorney, and vital for the citizen who keeps, carries a loaded gun or knife, or knows a self-defense system.
DVD -- $34
      Order Now!

Cute Lawyer Tricks
Massad Ayoob

They can get real "cute:" Those prosecutors attempting to discredit you and your testimony. If you "win," you still face serious financial cost for your own attorney and time in court appearances. If you lose ... substantial fines or even prison. This video is designed to prepare police officers and civilians to be able to handle the "cute tricks" that lawyers like to play in the courtroom in order to discredit them and their testimony. DVD $29     Order Now!

Effective Defense: The Woman, the Plan, the Gun
Gila Hayes

For any woman considering buying a gun for personal and home protection, Effective Defense is required reading. In addition to current information about assault and crime prevention, the book carries detailed information about gun and holster selection, legally carrying a concealed handgun, home safety and home defense concerns and other issues facing today's women. Highlights include: developing the self-defense mindset; unarmed defenses; threat detection and avoidance; legal use of deadly force; handgun selection; children and gun safety; rape prevention; workplace violence and much more. Book $16    Order Now!

In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection
Massad Ayoob

Do you own a gun? Do you believe you might ever have to use it for self-protection? If so, this book is required reading. Massad Ayoob advises the reader on the legal implications of firearm use in self-defense, as well as keeping, storing, carrying and using guns. He also talks about basic gun use techniques, the calibers best suited for personal protection, how to choose a weapon, "common sense" as it relates to firearm use and the deterrent effect of defensive handguns. Book $12      Order Now!

Brady Denial?: You CAN Get Your Guns Back
C.E. Hill

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 has ensured that law-abiding Americans are denied gun purchases through a variety of "disqualifying events."  Attorney C.E. Hill takes you, step-by-step, through the nine federal disqualifiers and tells you the options for overturning each. This easy-to-use guide is invaluable for those who aren't sure if they'll be denied a gun purchase, for those who have been denied and want to do something about it, and for lawyers intent on returning constitutional rights to their clients. Book $13      Order Now!

Gunproof Your Children and A Handgun Primer
Massad Ayoob

This is actually two books for the price of one! It's vital to Gunproof Your Children --whether you are pro- or anti-gun, whether your home has 50 firearms or none, this book is a MUST. Keeping children safe from unauthorized guns in their hands or those of others is covered from every direction, including gun locks, methods of storage, and, above all, safety training for children and adults. Handgun Primer is a compact introduction for the novice to the handgun. Real world handgun safety, how to shoot, when to fire in self-defense, and gun/ammo/holster choices are discussed by this leading expert. In the world of handgun safety, knowledge is crucial. Book $4.50   Order Now!

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