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Pukulan Pentjak Silat
The Devastating Art of Bukti

Stevan Plinck

Stevan Plinck gives you personalized instruction in the techniques in the explosive fighting art of Pukulan Pentjak Silat.

He begins by teaching the secrets of silat's upper-body movements, including how to cut the angle of an opponent's attack to instantly neutralize it. He then teaches the devastating leg sweeps and foot drags that destroy an attacker's lower body. In conclusion, he demonstrates how to integrate upper- and lower-body movements into an effective fighting combination.

Pukulan Pentjak Silat is characterized by its dynamic and effective fighting methods. When attacked, its practitioners close rapidly with their opponent, simultaneously deflecting and smothering the weapons of the upper body while destroying and immobilizing the lower body.

Whatever style you practice, this video will give you additional tools and principles to add to your martial arts and, especially, your self-defense arsenal.

Pukulan Pentjak Silat: The Devastating Fighting Art of Bukti Negara-Serak (Paladin Press) 1997, color, 75 minutes, ISBN 0-87364-938-9

Video, Item# DplinckDVD $37
DVD -- $37    Retail $39.95

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Comments about Pukulan Pentjak Silat include:
I don't usually use this word, but Stevan Plinck is truly a 'master' of his martial art. Enough so that even trained martial artists seldom fully understand what he is doing. In fact, many people upon viewing this tape believe that the people appearing in it are faking when they go flying through the air. They're not. Steve's ability to move into proper position (ma-ai in Japanese throwing arts) and an incredibly subtle, but effective, power chain is what is creating these amazing results. Many people upon viewing this tape fail to realize that the game is over, not when Steve executes the move, but AS he steps forward. He has developed the conditions so well that all it takes is a small twitch and the individual becomes airborne. Unfortunately, much of what is being taught as silat in the West lacks this understanding of positioning and body movement. So what you get is is silat flavored (whatever); a hybrid art that usually relies on muscle, mass or speed. Silat, an art that was designed for "small people to fight big people," doesn't rely on mass or muscle.

Having said this, the very elements that make Steve's silat so effective have been lost from most commercialized martial art systems. What most practictioners of these other arts do not realize is that these elements were once in the classical martial arts. They are NOT uniquely indigenous or proprietary to silat. Having meet an individual who is second generation from Gichin Funakoshi, it was amazing to me to see many of the same elements. Elements that had been lost from commercialized and/or 'traditional' karate. If you are in pursuit of returning to classic martial arts the concepts that Steve explains will assist you in discovering how they are applied to your own system. Furthermore, his explanations are very practical for instructors to identify what your students are doing wrong that you can't quite put your finger on. As such I heartily recommend this tape as a useful teaching tool no matter what style you practice or teach.
-- Marc MacYoung

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