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What does it take to survive violence? Not just the physical aspects, but the mental? We offer the works of authors who can help those who have unexpectedly found themselves involved in the life altering chaos of violence. We also offer information to assist those whose job it is to "stand the wall." Specifically, these will help them face the mental and emotional rigors and demands of risking their lives every day.

On this page we offer a short description of the items. By clicking on the picture or title, you can get a more in-depth information on the product. The Order Now link will take you directly to check out.

Freedom From Fear: Taking Back Control of Your Life
Peyton Quinn

Whether dealing with a street thug or an overbearing boss at work, you're facing a bully. And there are specific ways your body and your mind will react to the threat. Unfortunately, many people involuntarily send the message that they are safe to attack. Learn how this process works, so you can take control of it. And instead of signaling that you are a good victim,  you can learn to send messages that prevent conflict.
Book $18      Order Now!

Survivor Personality: Why Some People Are Stronger, Smarter & More Skillful at Handling Life's Difficulties... Al Siebert

Who survives? Who thrives? As a psychologist who has spent more than 40 years studying the phenomenon of survival, Al Siebert has gained valuable insight into the qualities and habits that help human beings overcome adversity -- from every day conflicts to major life stresses. In this book, he delineates the "survivor personality" -- including such recent examples as Scott O'Grady, the fighter pilot shot down over Bosnia -- and shows how survival skills can be learned, leading to better coping, increased success in work and relationships, and a vastly brighter outlook on the future. Book $22     Order Now!

Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement
Kevin Gilmartin

This book is a "must read" for every cop, everyone who ever thought of entering law enforcement as a career and, most of all, for anyone who is involved with an LEO. Emotional Survival also provides insights and help for any professional in a high-stress career. This book is designed to help those professionals overcome the internal assaults, both personal and from the organizational, that they will experience over the course of their careers.
Book $18      Order Now!

Resiliency: The Key to Surviving and Thriving in Today's World
Al Siebert

Resiliency -- the ability to adapt to life's changes and crises -- is one key to a healthy, productive life. Based on  his deep knowledge of the new science of resiliency, Dr. Al Siebert tells how and why some people are better able to adapt than others and how resiliency can be learned at any age. The Resiliency Advantage will enable you to bounce back quickly from setbacks, gain strength from adversity and meet life head on. Book $22     Order Now!

Surviving Workplace Violence: What to Do Before a Violent Incident, What to Do When Violence Explodes
Loren Christensen

Surviving Workplace Violence provides solid information to keep you off the growing list of victims of violent incidents on the job. The book answers the hard questions that company directives, magazine articles and other books leave out: Exactly what you should do before a violent inciden,t and what you should do if violence ever explodes where you work.
Book $13    Order Now!

Missing Link: Self-Protection Through Awareness, Avoidance and De-escalation
Bill Kipp

The absolutely, bar none, best defense for a fight ... is not being there! Unfortunately, this missing link in self-defense training has been largely ignored. Self-defense expert Bill Kipp teaches you the verbal and psychological skills needed to preempt violent attacks and end fights before they start.
DVD $37      Order Now!

Real Fighting: Adrenaline Stress Conditioning Through Scenario-Based Training
Peyton Quinn

In his best-selling book, A Bouncer's Guide to Barroom Brawling, Peyton Quinn shared hard-won wisdom and proven techniques culled from his years of combat experience as a bouncer. In Real Fighting, he takes it to the next level, showing the culmination of developing an effective self-defense training program based on his real world experience. Book $20    Order Now!

Martial Arts Instruction: Applying Educational Theory and Communication Techniques in the Dojo
Lawrence Kane

Lawrence Kane has helped fill that gap between becoming a student and earning the right to teach. For anyone interested in truly teaching, genuinely passing on knowledge and helping his or her students to be the best they can be, this book is invaluable. Book $23    Order Now!

Violence Blunders and Fractured Jaws: Advanced Awareness Techniques and Street Etiquette
Marc MacYoung

This book isn't going to tell you how to break heads or fracture jaws. What it will give you is the signs of the street culture that will allow you to avoid a potential trip to the hospital. Himself a one-time denizen of the streets, Marc MacYoung gives sage advice from his knowledge and keen observations of "street culture." He also passes on tricks of the trade from other professionals who deal with violence on a daily basis. Book $28    Order Now!

Warriors: On Living with Courage, Discipline and Honor
Loren Christensen

In compiling this collection of essays, Loren W. Christensen sought the true meaning, the essence, of warriorhood by going to the source, to those who live it. The writers who contributed to this work are a diverse mix from soldiers, cops and SWAT officers to martial art masters to experts in the fields of workplace violence, theology and school safety. Book $18     Order Now!

Deadly Force Encounters: What Cops Need to Know to Mentally and Physically Prepare for and Survive a Gunfight
Alexis Artwohl/ Loren Christensen

Combining forces, an experienced police psychologist and veteran officer give the LEO involved in a deadly force encounter a fighting chance to save his sanity, career and marriage. This book gives such a traumatized officer a fighting chance and the words needed to survive the situation as intactly as possible. Book $23    Order Now!

Deadliest Men: The World's Deadliest Combatants Throughout the Ages
Paul Kirchner

Paul Kirchner has profiled the 50 whom he considers the "world's deadliest men." Those he chose include Alexander the Great, Jim Bowie, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Geronimo, Bat Masterson, Audie Murphy, Shaka and Alvin York, as well as a variety of lesser-known figures. Book $23        Order Now!

Judicious Use of Lethal Force (DVD)
Massad Ayoob

In this DVD, police Captain Massad Ayoob, generally recognized as the leading authority on use of deadly weapons by civilians in self-defense, deals from the ground up on the core principles of law, ethics and tactics of using lethal force. Ideal for the instructor or attorney, and vital for the citizen who keeps, carries a loaded gun or knife, or knows a self-defense system.
DVD -- $34
      Order Now!

Physio-Psychological Aspects of Violent Encounters
Massad Ayoob

This DVD exceeds both length and subject coverage of the older tapes. Learn the dynamics of tachypsychia, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, cognitive dissonance, amaurosis fugax, denial response and other things that can affect you during or after a fight or a shooting. A must for homicide investigators!

DVD $34      Order Now!

Post Shooting Trauma
Massad Ayoob

An introduction to the causes, effects, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of post violent event trauma as it affects officers who have been involved in such encounters. Includes prevention and mitigation of symptoms through advanced training (inoculation effect) and covers police psychologists and clergy.

DVD $34   Order Now!

The Bullet-Proof Mind: What It Takes to Win Violent Encounters ... and After
Lt. Col. (ret.) Dave Grossman

Develop the mental muscle to win a deadly confrontation and survive the aftermath. Lt. Col. (ret.) Dave Grossman shares what he's learned from the survivors of deadly force encounters, plus his own research into the nature of violence today. These cassettes feature hours of rapid-fire, in-your-face truths that are rarely talked about candidly in police circles to prepare you to be a modern warrior in the war on our streets. Audio CD $60    Order Now!

Street Safe: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim (DVD)
Marc MacYoung

A criminal assault is fast, vicious and overwhelming. And that's why criminals attack that way. It ensures their success. What you may not know is that it takes time to develop these conditions. This makes the street thug predictable. There are definite danger signs that precede criminal attacks. This video will teach you how to recognize those signs so you can take nonviolent steps to prevent the criminal from attacking. And if the situation does turn violent, you will learn how to articulate to the police and courts important details about the situation  -- and why you reacted the way you did. DVD $24       Order Now!

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