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Street Safe DVD
How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Violent Crime
(a.k.a. Safe in the Streets VHS)

Marc MacYoung

A criminal assault is fast, vicious and overwhelming. Criminal attacks are designed to ensure their success. What you may not know is that it takes time to develop these conditions. This makes the street thug predictable. There are definite -- and easily identified -- danger signs that precede criminal attacks. This DVD will teach you how to recognize these signs so you can take nonviolent steps to prevent yourself from becoming the latest victim of violent street crime. If a criminal can't set you up, he won't attack you.
You'll learn the Five Stages of Violent Crime, an internationally recognized and court-tested system for identifying impending attack, and the appropriate reactions to each step. You also will discover the many ways criminals "interview" a victim to determine vulnerability to attack, what a developing crime looks like, and insights into the criminal's mind and how he operates. Once you have established external standards with which you can compare a person's behavior, threat identification becomes much easier.

No matter what your preferred strategy, this DVD will be instrumental to ensuring your safety. By recognizing the conditions a criminal needs to develop in order to attack, you can stay safe by simply not walking into his trap. If confronted you can usually prevent an attack by foiling his attempts to develop the next stage. These nonviolent solutions can -- and do -- deter most criminal attempts. If, despite your best efforts, a situation is going to turn violent, then this DVD will assist in making the decision when to defend yourself. The doubt and hesitation about whether you are justified to act vanish. Of equal importance, if the situation does turn violent, you will learn how to articulate to the police and courts important details about the situation  -- and why you reacted the way you did. This skill is vital in determining not only if you will be prosecuted, but winning in both criminal and civil court if avoidance doesn't work, and you have to defend yourself.

Because the criminal's goal is immediate victory at little personal risk, he will select victims who appear safe to attack and then develop the pre-attack conditions. In this DVD, Marc MacYoung, a street savvy personal safety expert from the darker alleys of Los Angeles, will show you how your attitude and actions can convey the idea that attacking you is not a safe bet and that you are not "victim material." Through examples of nonviolent maneuvering,  he tells you how best to respond in order to avoid being considered a potential victim. Foiling any attempts to 'set you up' sends a powerful message to a potential attacker. Namely: Don't do it.

This DVD is of special value to self-defense instructors, attorneys and people concerned about the their personal safety, as well as those who want to keep loved ones safe. Sit them down and have them watch this valuable DVD.

Street Safe: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim (Paladin Press, 1993/LOTI, 2007) color, approximately 50 minutes, ISBN 1-87364-758-0

DVD, Item# DsafeDVD
DVD --$22    Retail: $24

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Comments about Street Safe/Safe in the Streets include:

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your DVD 'Street
Safe' has made its way to Afghanistan...let me explain.
While stationed in Afghanistan, I have the opportunity to teach my fellow US and Coalition service members as well as State Department personnel at the US Embassy in Kabul, personal protection measures. I start each class  preaching awareness...and what that really means for the individual. Additive, I address, from a criminals perspective, what key things they look for in a potential victim...enter 'Street Safe'.
At the end of about the third class, I play you video. It serves to  reinforce what they have learned over the past few classes such as  awareness, the interview, precursors, indicators and warnings etc. As  expected, I have received positive responses so I thought it appropriate to share that with you.
Darren C. Poesel
Kabul, Afghanistan

No Nonsense Self Defense really lives up to its name here. No scams about becoming an invincible street warrior with some "ultimate combat system" here; this product has real answers for AVOIDING crime. Jared

We don't get to see Marc's legendary sense of humor in this DVD, but it certainly has a wealth of first class info to make up for that. The DVD starts out by making the distinction between a "Hollywood" crime attack and a real crime attack. Useful for people who have studied self defense, but not seen how a REAL criminal will go about their business. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best part of the DVD is the way the approaches are depicted. As many people will know, its often difficult, scary and even embarrassing to know what to do when a criminal approaches you, but engages you in conversation. This DVD shows just how to spot and avoid the "traps" criminals set, and what kind of "game-plan" these guys are using. -- Al Steele

From Marc MacYoung
Street Safe is NOT about turning you into some kind of killer kung fu commando.

When I am lecturing about personal safety, I often ask someone in the audience if I could do his or her job? Could I walk in without training, sit down at their desk and not only do their job, but do it better than they? The answer is obviously "no." They are professionals, who are adept at what they do.

That being the case, then why should they expect that they could defeat a criminal in an unexpected conflict? A criminal, too, is a professional. Before he attacks, he has developed his "work environment" so he can succeed. You wouldn't expect to get up from your desk and win a game of one-on-one basketball against an NBA player, so why should you expect to look up from loading your groceries in your car trunk and defeat an armed criminal?

Rather than trying to teach you how to beat a professional at his own game, this DVD is designed to teach you how to "win" by not playing his game.

Crime is a process. It takes time and it has a goal. That makes it predictable. Once you know how this process works it is easy to recognize when someone is attempting to develop an attack. Once you know what it looks like while it is developing, then it is easy to avoid being attacked -- and do it without having to resort to force. But if you have to use force, you won't be caught off guard and you'll know you were justified.

This DVD has received the stamp of approval from countless professionals (whose job it is to routinely face down violent offenders) because of its simple and concise summation of the way criminals operate. Over the years, I have been told numerous times of the system's accuracy and how well it works around the world. People tell me they saw the exact patterns depicted in the DVD in U.S. cities, Europe, Thailand and Afghanistan. And they avoided being the victim of a crime by using the information found in Street Safe. This is why this DVD is routinely used by police departments, firearms instructors and self-defense trainers around the world to show people what crime/violence looks like as it is developing. Crime and violence is a process -- with a specific goal. And that is the beauty of Street Safe: It teaches you what this process looks like and what to do about it without resorting to violence. Once you understand this process, you can easily recognize when someone is trying to develop an attack. And once you know what it looks like, it is easy to avoid. -- Marc MacYoung

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