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Speed Training: The Video
Developing Maximum Speed in Martial Arts Training

Loren W. Christensen

Speed is a fighter's most important asset. You can be strong, tough and skilled, but if your strikes and blocks aren’t fast enough, you can still lose. While some people are blessed with natural quickness, others have to work hard for just a little increase in speed.

Based on his best-selling book Speed Training, this video distills author Loren Christensen’s 40 years experience in the martial arts into a comprehensive training program. It will not only increase fighting velocity, but will enhance the appearance of speed, keeping your opponent off-guard and making him think you’re much faster than you actually are.

He teaches you how to “cheat” by improving timing and accuracy in both punching and kicking through a series of dirty tricks that will have an opponent wondering just what hit him. From there, Christensen demonstrates drills, exercises and principles that will increase  natural fighting speed and help develop not only instantaneous reflexes, but explosive quickness and power in all your strikes.

Christensen is a retired policeman, Vietnam veteran, high-ranking martial artist and prolific writer. He has earned a total of 10 black belts: seven in karate, two in jujitsu and one in arnis.

Speed Training: The Video (Paladin Press) color, 130 minutes.

DVD, Item# DspeedvidDVD
DVD -- $67   Retail: $69.95

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