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On this page we offer a short description of the items. By clicking on the picture or title, you can get a more in-depth information on the product. The Order Now link will take you directly to check out.

Surviving a Street Knife Attack: Realistic Defensive Techniques
Winning a Street Knife Fight:
Realistic Offensive Techniques Techniques
Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Two classic videos have been combined on a single DVD. Surviving addresses an often ignored fact about street knife use, namely you may not be the one with a knife. Forget complex disarms or defeating your attacker with a blaze of killer combatives, Surviving shows you how to stay alive long enough to either flee or safely draw your own weapon. Winning explains the most common mistakes made by people in knife work. These mistakes can get you killed because there is no recovery time and no time to correct errors in the frenzy of an actual assault. DVD $24      Order Now!

  Judicious Use of Lethal Force
Massad Ayoob

In this video, police Captain Massad Ayoob, generally recognized as the leading authority on use by civilians of deadly weapons in self-defense, deals from the ground up in the core principles of law, ethics and tactics of using lethal force. Ideal for the instructor or attorney, and vital for the citizen who keeps, carries a loaded gun or knife, or knows a self-defense system. DVD -- $34     Order Now!

Street Safe: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim (DVD)
Marc MacYoung

A criminal assault is fast, vicious and overwhelming. And that's why criminals attack that way. It ensures their success. What you may not know is that it takes time to develop these conditions. This makes the street thug predictable. There are definite danger signs that precede criminal attacks. This video will teach you how to recognize those signs so you can take nonviolent steps to prevent the criminal from attacking. And if the situation does turn violent, you will learn how to articulate to the police and courts important details about the situation  -- and why you reacted the way you did. DVD $22       Order Now!

Knives, Knife Fighting and Related Hassles: How to Survive a Real Knife Fight
Marc MacYoung

There's more to meeting face-to-steel with a knife on the street than any fancy "knife fighting master" or deadly combat system guru, sensei, sabumnim or sifu can teach you. In fact, the truth is, on the street, you will never see the blade coming ... but there are signs that can tell you someone is carrying and how. And this book tells you what they are. Book $12      Order Now!

CQB Clearing Tactics For First Responders/
Practical Patrol Tactics for 911 Officers

C.J. Carraci

In a crisis situation, you stake your life on every decision. The first responder faces a vital choice -- act now or wait for back up ... and either decision could be worth someone's life. This DVD addresses the tactics necessary to prevail using architecture, angles, traversing thresholds, weapons manipulation, barricade shooting, and the difference between cover and concealment. DVD $22       Order Now!

T.A.C.S.A.F.E.: Practical Filipino Kuntao Defenses Against Firearms and Edged Weapons (DVD)
Rick Hernandez

Few things are more terrifying than having to defend yourself unarmed, against an attacker holding a knife or a gun. To do this successfully, you need a powerful combination of fighting spirit, sound tactics and devastating technique. You need TACSAFE.
DVD two-disk set $57   
 Order Now!

Pool Cues, Beer Bottles and Baseball Bats: Animal's Guide to Improvised Weapons for Self Defense and Survival
Marc MacYoung

It's not just guns and knives. Anything that can be used to defend yourself can be considered a weapon. This books widens the definition of a weapon to include rope, beer bottles, pens, pool cues, cats, tables and chairs, keys, gin and tonic, and more. Extensive martial arts training just may not prepare you for the guy coming at you with a tire iron or a baseball bat, while Pool Cues, Beer Bottles & Baseball Bats helps teach you to wing it with whatever comes close to hand. Book $17     Order Now!

 Minimum Damage, Maximum Effect: A Complete Guide to the Use of Pepper Spray, Less Lethal and Improvised Weapons  (VHS)
Kelly McCann (aka Jim Grover)

Opposed to carrying a firearm, knife or other lethal weapon? Kelly McCann's book is a handy guide that takes a look at use of nonlethal weapons to stave off an attacker!
DVD $37   
Order Now!

Street Smart, Firearms and Personal Security: Jim Grover's Guide to Staying Alive
Jim Grover (aka Kelly McCann)

This book covers the entire spectrum of personal security with street-savvy ideas and twists. Learn how to  improve the physical security of your home; develop street smarts; stay safe while traveling; recognize and avoid crime; keep your children safe from grade school through college; choose and effectively use nonlethal weapons; engage in unarmed combat if necessary; and utilize practical shooting skills perfected from real-life situations. Book $33      Order Now!

Gunproof Your Children/A Handgun Primer
Massad Ayoob

This is actually two books for the price of one! It's vital to Gunproof Your Children --whether you are pro- or anti-gun, whether your home has 50 firearms or none, this book is a MUST. Keeping children safe from unauthorized guns in their hands or in the hands of others is covered from every direction, including gun locks, methods of storage, and, above all, safety training for children and adults. Handgun Primer is a compact introduction for the novice to the handgun. Real world handgun safety, how to shoot, when to fire in self-defense, and gun/ammo/holster choices are discussed by this leading expert. In the world of handgun safety, knowledge is crucial. Book $4.50  
Order Now!

In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection
Massad Ayoob

Do you own a gun? Do you believe you might ever have to use it for self-protection? If so, this book is required reading. Massad Ayoob advises the reader on the legal implications of firearm use in self-defense, as well as keeping, storing, carrying and using guns. He also talks about basic gun use techniques, the calibers best suited for personal protection, how to choose a weapon, "common sense" as it relates to firearm use and the deterrent effect of defensive handguns. Book $12      Order Now!

Deadly Force Encounters: What Cops Need to Know to Mentally and Physically Prepare for and Survive a Gunfight
Alexis Artwohl/ Loren Christensen

Combining forces, an experienced police psychologist and veteran officer give the LEO involved in a deadly force encounter a fighting chance to save his sanity, career and marriage. This book gives such a traumatized officer a fighting chance and the words needed to survive the situation as intactly as possible. Book $23    Order Now!

Effective Defense: The Woman, the Plan, the Gun
Gila Hayes

For any woman considering buying a gun for personal and home protection, Effective Defense is required reading. In addition to current information about assault and crime prevention, the book carries detailed information about gun and holster selection, legally carrying a concealed handgun, home safety and home defense concerns and other issues facing today's women. Highlights include: developing the self-defense mindset; unarmed defenses; threat detection and avoidance; legal use of deadly force; handgun selection; children and gun safety; rape prevention; workplace violence and much more. Book $16    Order Now!

Post Shooting Trauma
Massad Ayoob

An introduction to the causes, effects, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of post violent event trauma as it affects officers who have been involved in such encounters. Includes prevention and mitigation of symptoms through advanced training (inoculation effect) and covers police psychologists and clergy.

DVD $34     Order Now!

StressFire: Gunfire for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques
Massad Ayoob

StressFire is the result of Massad Ayoob's years of research into what actually happens in gunfights. Learn how stress and adrenaline affect the mind and body, ruining conventional shooting techniques under pressure ... and how new techniques actually feed off that pressure to make you perform better under stress! StressFire is the only combat shooting method with a flowing, martial arts-oriented system of techniques to deal with any armed contingency under stress, yet is the easiest and quickest of the "modern techniques" to master!
Book $12      Order Now!

StressFire: Gunfire for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques
Massad Ayoob

In this DVD Massad Ayoob shares: the genesis of StressFire and the advantage of strength over dexterity; core elements of a power stance and how to "shoot with the body; key points to enhancing your hit potential; advanced stances and techniques; stress point indexing for handguns; stress reloading for both auto and revolver; training drills to enhance your overall performance; and much more. Shot on location at the San Bernardino Sheriff's Shooting Range in California, Ayoob shares with  the secrets of handling a handgun under the compromising influence of stress and pressure in practical application.
DVD $34          Order Now!

StressFire: Shootgun for Police: Advanced Tactics and Techniques
Massad Ayoob

Designed to be learned rapidly by police and military, the StressFire combat shotgun system was expressly developed to work for small, as well as large people, women, as well as men, and to work with the hottest, heaviest defensive shotgun loads, including magnum loads and rifled slugs. Proved in action for more than 15 years, the system is the quickest route to absolute mastery of the combat shotgun.
DVD $34          Order Now!

Brady Denial?: You CAN Get Your Guns Back
C.E. Hill

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 has ensured that law-abiding Americans are denied gun purchases through a variety of "disqualifying events."  Attorney C.E. Hill takes you, step-by-step, through the nine federal disqualifiers and tells you the options for overturning each. This easy-to-use guide is invaluable for those who aren't sure if they'll be denied a gun purchase, for those who have been denied and want to do something about it, and for lawyers intent on returning constitutional rights to their clients. Book $13      Order Now!

Surviving Workplace Violence: What to Do Before a Violent Incident, What to Do When Violence Explodes
Loren Christensen

Surviving Workplace Violence provides solid information to keep you off the growing list of victims of violent incidents on the job. The book answers the hard questions that company directives, magazine articles and other books leave out: Exactly what you should do before a violent inciden,t and what you should do if violence ever explodes where you work.
Book $13    Order Now!


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