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I'm not here to trade punches with you.

It's NEVER His Turn

Ever play pool with a really good pool player? Did you ever get a shot?

Usually no. That's because a good pool player will "run the table." Every shot he takes does three things. 1) it 'sinks' one of his -- thereby giving him another turn. 2) It sets up his next shot 3) If it doesn't sink a ball, then it makes sure that you don't have a shot. In simple terms, running the table means it's never the other guy's turn.

We can take a lesson from pool sharks. In a physical conflict, the culmination of all this strategic thinking, skill acquisition, skill set acquisition, tactical application and tactical awareness is so it is NEVER the other guy's turn.  

From the second you touch him you are running the table. He never gets a chance to shoot. And if by some small miracle he does manage to get a shot, you've left him with nothing. You take back control of the table.

The reason we say Dango Jiro is analytical tool is because it teaches you how to make every move you do -- regardless from what style you come from -- meet the standards of effective movement.

What are these standards? Only three.

Every move you do must:
1) Secure your perimeter (i.e. not leave holes you can be attacked through)
2) Disrupt his ability to attack you (i.e. upset his balance, structure, orientation so instead of his next move being an attack, he has to reset)
3) Set up your next move (which is why he will never be able to reset).

Dango Jiro will teach you how to run the table in a physical conflict. It's never his turn.

Unfortunately, most training out there allows your opponent to reset and resist. This ensures that it will be a fight. In Dango Jiro the goal is to end the conflict -- no matter what level it is -- immediately. And with minimum effort on your part.

Our goal is: If someone attacks you he is on the deck and no longer a threat within three moves.

The hardest part of the whole incident is filling out the paperwork afterwards. And since we HATE paperwork, we're going to show you how end it in three using the appropriate level of force. Too much force equals too much paperwork. You don't want to go there.

The idea of a physical conflict being over in three moves is why we use the redneck attitude of "Git-R-Done." No muss, no fuss, game over....NEXT!

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