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A wise man fights to win, but he is twice
a fool who has no plan for possible defeat.
                      Louis L'amour

The Appeal of High Risk Behavior

This page under construction, but when it is up and running we will look at the reality of High Risk Behavior. Namely that it is usually
A) Fun
B) Exciting
C) Forbidden
D) Self-gratifying
E) Profitable
F) Convenient
G) Any combination of the above.

In short, High Risk Behavior is usually very selfish. And selfish people don't normally like it when their plans don't work out. Generally -- if they survive -- they proceed to rationalize and defend their actions as they 'didn't deserve' what happened.

When it comes to violence, 'deserve' has nothing to do with it. While rationalization and blame may help you reestablish your belief that you are in control of your world, it does nothing to keep you safe from violence. In fact, it is usually selfish and short-sighted actions that have put you into the situation where violence occurs.

The bad news is that the other players in High Risk Behavior are also selfish -- and likely even more so. They are willing to take it further than you in order to get what they want. That's what makes the situation dangerous.

Another issue we will look at the fantasy that can best summed up as "Safe High Stakes Gambling." This is where the person wants the opportunity to win big, but doesn't feel he or she should have to risk losing ... much less actually lose. In short, the new definition of 'losing' is breaking even. One of the biggest fantasies of this kind of thinking is that you can 'gamble' with dangerous people and not be physically assaulted.

While this idea may work in civilized circles many a 'Modern Roman' has discovered the hard way that 'Barbarians' play for different -- and more immediate  -- stakes.

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