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The question is no longer between
violence and non-violence; it is between
violence and non-existence.
              With apologies to
               Martin Luther King

Secondary Location

This page is under construction, but when it is up it will discuss the flashing lights, warning sirens, fireworks and giant flashing neon signs proclaiming  'DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!' of allowing yourself to be taken to a secondary location by a criminal.

First of all, in most states, even being told to take a few steps by a criminal -- in the commission of a felony -- automatically kicks it up to kidnapping; that's another hard time felony on top of the robbery/assault. This is why most robbers of businesses order customers to 'get down,' instead of ordering them to move. They're trying to avoid the second felony charge. This may be news to you, but it's not news to the criminals, especially violent ones.

So now do you begin to understand why a criminal telling you to move to a secondary location is so dangerous? An experienced criminal knows it's automatically a kidnapping charge ... and, if he leaves you alive, then you can testify against him.

Basically many people comply to the demands of the criminal believing it will convince the criminal to spare them. While this can be the case -- especially in a business robbery -- generally estimated number of rapes and/or murders of adults who allow themselves to be moved to secondary locations is about 90 to 95% depending on who you ask.

The normal procedure of a robbery is in and out quick. The robber delivers either overwhelming force or the treat of such, gets what he wants and flees. If you find yourself in a situation where a criminal or violent person demands you accompany him to a secondary location, you have a choice go and almost certainly suffer or take your chances with a full out counter attack right then and there.

Your chances are better with the latter.

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