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Death in battle is a function of time.
The longer troops remain under fire
the more men get killed. Therefore
everything must be done to speed
up movement.
                        Gen George S Patton

Knife Training

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Knife Defense | Rates US/Canada | Rates overseas

We do not teach "knife fighting" That is a macho myth anyway -- and one that will get you killed. What No Nonsense Self-defense knife seminars teach is how to survive the horrible  reality of a knife assault in a dark alley. Knife to knife "fights" are so rare as to be statistically meaningless.

Knife Defense
A knife is a lethal force instrument. That means the conditions that you can legally use a knife on another person are the same as a gun. This brings up the fundamental flaw in so-called 'knife fighting' training. When you are legally allowed to use a knife, someone is trying to kill you.

This is a complication you must deal with BEFORE you even think about what you are going to do to him. Your first priority isn't 'stopping him' it's not getting killed yourself. How to do that is glossed over by most training because they don't really have reliable ways to do it. By this we mean they're real strong on dishing out damage, but they're weak on keeping it from happening to you.

The NNSD approach to knives is simple. The first thing we're going to work on is what you can do to keep from getting a knife in your guts, your skull split open or getting shot .... THEN we'll worry about how you can use a knife to stop an attacker.

Hosting a seminar in US/Canada (amounts in US dollars) Seminars run seven hours per day, plus one hour lunch break. All seminars and lectures are tailored to the needs of the hosting agency. It is at the host's discretion as to whether the seminars are internal for the school/agency only or open to public. Limit approximately 30 people (if more, additional staff is needed.) If open, charge what you like, you pocket the profits after fees/expenses are paid. However, for open events a "private" Friday night training session ca be scheduled for no extra charge.

$1000 two days, plus travel expenses and lodgings $1200 three days, plus same $1,500four days, plus same $2000 six days, plus same

Allow for arrival the day/night before the seminar. For weekend seminars, this means Friday afternoon arrival in case of flight delays. Sunday night return is acceptable if convenient, if not, Monday morning departure is acceptable.

Hosting a seminar overseas Two day: $1,500 (US) plus travel and hotel lodging Four day $2,000 (US), plus same Longer tours: Contact us for prices Allow for overseas arrival at least one day prior to seminar to compensate for jet lag and flight delays

NOTE: Travel time is a major factor of overseas pricing. Coordinating back-to-back seminars with other schools in your country (or neighboring countries) significantly reduces the cost of training and travel. Two schools split airfare and hotel arrangements. Smaller, private midweek training sessions can be added without extra expense for the hosting schools/instructors.

For overseas engagements allow for arrival a day and half prior to training in order to compensate for jet lag and flight delays

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