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To survive an impossible situation
you don't need the reflexes of
a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of Hercules
or the brain of an Einstein. You just need
to know what to do.
                            Anthony Greenback

Vague Questions About Self-Defense

This page is for when you know the problem, but you don't quite know the answer you're looking for. Don't feel bad, it happens a lot.

Questions are first grouped by topic (e.g. family) then by general category (e.g. Daughter going off to college). The following links are what we suggest you read to get a handle on the topic. Can you go more in depth on the subject? Of course. But the supplied links are a quick and easy introduction to the subject.


  Daughter going off to college
        Safe Dating | Five Stages of Violent Crime | Pyramid of Personal Safety |
        Home Security | Profile | High Risk Behavior  Modern Romans &
       Modern Barbarians
  Daughter is dating and I don't want to sound like a prude, but ...        Safe Dating | Five Stages of Violent Crime | Pyramid of Personal Safety |
       Profile | High Risk Behavior
Kids Leaving Home
        Five Stages of Violent Crime | Pyramid of Personal Safety | Robbery
        Home Security | Profile | High Risk Behavior | Modern Romans &
       Modern Barbarians
   Spouse isn't exactly abusive, but ...      Anger| Boundaries |Personal and Shared Space

Generalized Personal Safety
   I don't have a problem, but I want to know more
         Mental Preparation | Modern Romans & Modern Barbarians |
        Self-Defense | Survival Mindset

I'm not sure about the Martial Arts School my child is enrolled in...
   I don't know what's wrong, but I know something isn't right
         Business of Martial Arts | Commercialized Schools | Choosing A school |
         Faked Qualifications | Four Focuses of MA | McDojos

Preventing Violence
Kinds of Violence

Surviving Shooting
How NOT To Get Shot

Home security while on vacation
Home security of summer home

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Street Safe: How to Recognize and Avoid Violent Crime
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